Leadership Voting Basics

March 25, 2017

Learn how you as a Conservative Party of Canada member, can vote in the 2017 Conservative Leadership Race.

Voter Eligibility
Eligible voters must be paid-in-full Voting Members of the Conservative Party. The last day to enroll as a Voting Member is March 28, 2017. You may enroll or renew your Voting Membership on-line at conservative.ca

Leadership Candidate Ballot Package
All eligible Conservative Party Voting Members will receive a Leadership Election Ballot package in the mail, which should arrive after April 28, 2017.

Each Leadership Candidate Ballot Package will contain:

  • The Ballot, bearing the names of all Leadership Contestants listed by last name in alphabetical order. The Ballot is also marked with unique identifiers to ensure the validity of the ballot. These secrecy markings are not associated to any individual voter.
  • Declaration Form, which must be signed by the Voter.
  • An Inner Ballot Secrecy Envelope, into which the Voter will enclose their marked ballot.
  • postage-paid return envelope, into which the Voter will place the Ballot Secrecy Envelope containing their marked Ballot, signed Declaration Form, and a photocopy or printed scan of their personal identification issued by the Government of Canada or a provincial government such as:
  1. Permanent Resident Card
  2. Provincial Driver’s License
  3. Senior’s Card
  4. Student ID Card
  5. Firearms License
  6. Health Card
  7. Birth Certificate
  8. Drug Card
  9. Age of Majority Card

Leadership Candidate Preferences: Up to 10 Choices Allowed!
A Ballot is valid when at least one candidate name is marked by the Voter. However, Voters may numerically rank, in descending order, their personal preference for up to ten Leadership Candidates.

Casting Your Ballot- By Mail or In Person

To Vote by Mail: Use the pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope included in your Candidate Ballot Package to mail in your marked Ballot and identification documentation. Your envelope must be received by 5pm ET on May 26, 2017.

To Vote In Person: Take your marked Ballot to your local polling place. Voters must provide one or more pieces of official identification that individually or together provide their photo, name, and current address.

Election Day is May 27, 2017!